Twitter Now Allows Login With Apple and Google Accounts


Twitter: This Monday (2), Twitter announced the arrival of a feature long awaited by its users. In its official account, the platform confirmed that it is now possible to log in using Google or Apple accounts.

The novelty is already available on the Twitter app for Android and browsers, and it is possible to use, for now, a Google account. iOS and Apple ID users, who can already log in this way to the app, will also have the same functionality available in browsers, the company guarantees.

Focus on safety

New ways to login to Twitter indicate that the platform is increasingly concerned about the security of its users’ accounts. In the latest update, for example, the company added a feature that allows the use of just one physical key as two-factor authentication (2FA).

With the change, users who opt for the method will only be able to access their accounts with the use of a dedicated encryption device — ensuring more security.


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