Twitter: New Account Verification Process Coming Soon


Twitter: In late 2020, Twitter announced that it would update the account verification process. In an official statement, the company said the change would be available to users in January this year, but it did not happen. Now, it seems, the new verification request form should arrive in the next few days.

The information was revealed by researcher Jane Manchum Wong on her Twitter. According to her, the change should signal the verified accounts with different labels, separating government, political, journalistic accounts, among others. Currently, the accounts of government personalities already have different labels than the others.

In a document released by the researcher, it is possible to see some questions from the social network to guarantee a verified account:

The user must inform if the account is for an activist, journalist, company, content creator, government or sports personality;
Once this is done, the social network will ask for the account ID and the user’s qualifications, which include news, articles on the internet or official website;
Finally, you will need to send a photo of your identity document and an introduction about who you are.
The move is part of a series of Twitter updates to improve the user experience. In recent weeks, the social network launched the Spaces feature and announced the Tip Jar feature, which allows you to send money to other users.


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