Twitter Moments from Jungkook “Golden Maknae”


BTS: Jungkook dominates social media like Twitter thanks to his enormous influence over the ARMY

BTS needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular South Korean bands in the world that has earned the respect and adoration of the public for its work and generosity.

Although all the members of BTS have their unique personality, Jungkook has been extremely loved by the ARMY, for his cute looks and impressions in addition to his charisma.

Junkook has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world and is adored by all. From fashion to his work with BTS, he has been admired and even inspired by many.

Jungkook dominates Twitter with the ARMY

Jungkook, the “Golden Maknae” is quite active on his social media accounts, with his posts and updates always shared by his fans, and we are in awe of some of his great moments on Twitter.

We have prepared some of Jungkook’s best moments on Twitter for you, check them out!

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