Twitter marks Trump tweet as inaccurate, but still visible


A tweet from Trump about mailboxes violated Twitter rules, for which it was labeled as inaccurate information

Twitter has tagged a tweet by Trump in which he questioned the use of mailboxes for the November elections, in that tweet he claimed, without citing evidence, that the boxes made it possible for a person to vote multiple times and be a disaster for the voter safety, as well as not being disinfected against Covid.

Twitter applied a tag to the tweet on Sunday morning in which it can be read that the tweet violated the Rules on Electoral and Civic Integrity, but it has been determined that it may be of interest to the public so that the Tweet will remain accessible.

In addition to the tag, a link was attached that provides more information regarding Twitter’s rules on public interest exceptions.

Engagement with the tweet will be limited, as explained by Twitter, people will be able to retweet with comments, but they will not be able to like, reply or retweet.

Twitter tag Trump tweet

It is not the first time that one of Trump’s tweets has been flagged for posting inaccurate information about voting and electing them, just remember May 26, when Twitter tagged two tweets from his account for making false statements about voting by mail. , the first time the platform verified Trump’s tweets.

The tweets in question falsely claimed that the mail-in ballots would be anything but substantially fraudulent and would result in a rigged election. Twitter labeled the tweets as “potentially misleading” and added that fact-checkers say there is no evidence that the ballots sent by mail are linked to voter fraud.

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This is how the casual comments that Trump decides to post on his social networks are treated, this can be a way in which Twitter discourages the misuse of its platform.


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