Twitter makes new plans for vulnerabilities


Currently, security vulnerabilities and problems are the fearful dream of popular social media platforms. Although it has been spoken many times for Twitter, the biggest loss of users was definitely the incident in July. As you may remember, the high-following was the compromise of the accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and some other tech company owners. Dane’s tail snapped here and the vulnerability for Twitter came to the fore. Twitter is launching new plans for the vulnerability.

Twitter makes new plans for vulnerability

The latest incident has led Twitter to take steps to make this platform, which users love, more secure.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had previously said that the hacking attempt was due to the vulnerability of some company employees that became the target of manipulation. According to him, the company lagged behind in protecting its employees against social engineering and also in restricting the company’s internal tools.

Taking these into consideration, Twitter is developing a new method that will make the platform more vulnerable to phishing attempts and against hacking. Offering new security keys and tools, Twitter diversifies login verification processes.

Technology officer Parag Agarwal and Twitter data protection officer Damien Kieran stated in a blog post that more layers of security will be added to the platform. In the article, which says that the incident in July caused faster action in putting this new plan into action, it underlines that the platform has already been working to bring more security features for a while.

These new security tools will basically prevent other people from accessing users’ accounts, adding additional steps such as authentication.

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Alongside these security tools, Twitter has also launched some new training courses for cybersecurity. While describing two new compulsory education sessions that have just been launched for those who have access to non-public information, Agarwal and Kieran also covered some details about these courses. Twitter also increases the frequency and availability of available cybersecurity courses for all employees.


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