Twitter makes it easy to find quote tweets


Twitter started using a new counter for quote tweets. Thanks to this counter, users will be able to easily see the number of tweets retweeted, ie quoted, along with a comment.

“Tweets about a tweet add a lot more to the conversation,” said Twitter on the subject. Therefore, we made it easier to find them ”expression was used. Twitter did not neglect to mention that its new counter was placed between the existing retweet and like counters.

The micro blogging service has been testing the feature for several months with different names and user interface designs. The company previously used the name “Commented Retweets” for the meter. In addition, showing the meter in the sub-menu instead of directly in the tweet was one of the approaches tested by the company.

With the Twitter new quote tweets counter, it will be easier to find posts by quoting a tweet. Considering that some people prefer to quote instead of directly responding to tweets today, it is better understood that the change made by Twitter is small but important.


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