Twitter Made A Pleasing Post For The Blue Tick Application!


Twitter, which suspended blue tick applications due to excessive intensity a few days ago, has started to accept requests again as of today. Twitter, one of the leading social media applications, has re-launched the long-awaited blue tick applications in the past weeks. Users, on the other hand, went to the application queue to take advantage of this feature that they have been waiting for years.

But the growing demand for the blue tick verification functionality has pushed Twitter too hard and has even caused it to suspend it. As it is known, last week, Twitter announced that it temporarily suspended the blue tick application process. Fortunately, the expected announcement came soon after.

Twitter blue tick applications are active again

Twitter, which made a new post earlier today, announced that they have reopened the blue tick verification function. However, it is unclear how long it will take for users to respond to the new application. Because the intensified application demands extended to the fact that the team could no longer keep up with this situation.

Twitter has now reactivated the application form, which it removed from the application last week, and has started to receive requests. You can now apply again through the application and see if you are eligible to receive a blue tick.

As mentioned earlier, Twitter new verification function; It includes athletes, celebrities, well-known organizations, news agencies and reporters, and other influential accounts. If you are not on this list, the probability of getting a positive response from the application will be very low.