Twitter Launches Paid Spaces And Super Follows


Twitter: Starting this Tuesday (22), Twitter content creators can sign up to experience the Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows features. These, argues the social network, are new ways for people to use their skills to earn money with the support of the public they built.

Ticketed Spaces are closed audio rooms, and the ticket price (from US$1 to US$999), as well as the limit of participants (from five to 100 users), are defined by the host. In addition, the meeting manager is able to send notifications to stakeholders with details about the discussions, or even share information in the traditional timeline.

Super Follows, on the other hand, allows users to strengthen their relationship with their followers and offer them exclusive material, as well as badges that identify the most dedicated fans and answers that only these people can see.

Here, access works through a monthly subscription, and the personality determines the amount you would like to charge. Values ​​are $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month.

How to participate?

According to the company, 3% of income will be charged up to the ceiling of US$ 50,000. Above that, 20% commission will be applied. Before applying, you need to pay attention to some conditions. For example, for Super Follows, being 18 years old or older, having at least ten thousand followers and being tweeted at least 25 times in 30 days are some of the prerequisites.

On the other hand, for Ticketed Spaces, it is necessary to maintain at least one thousand active followers, to have hosted at least three rooms in the 30 days prior to the proposal and to have no history of violations of the community rules, as well as to make one’s identity clear and complete profile data. Parodies, fakes and the like will not be accepted.

Finally, to try to be part of the novelty, which is still in the testing phase, just open the website or the application and select, in the sidebar, the Monetization option, in which you can find details of the releases.


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