Twitter Launches Function To Report Fake News In Brazil After Pressure


Twitter announced, this Monday (17), the launch of a tool for reporting disinformation in Brazil. The decision to launch the feature, which was taken weeks after the social network suffered pressure from users and even a letter received by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), will serve to assist in the 2022 Elections.

“In August 2021, we began testing a new mechanism for reporting potentially misleading information in the United States, Australia and South Korea. We launched the experiment to analyze whether this is an effective tool for the Twitter community to report disinformation in real time. Today, we are expanding the functionality testing to Brazil, Spain and the Philippines,” the company announced.

According to the social network, the new countries were chosen because the company wants to learn from a “small, but geographically diverse, range of regions”. Twitter also cited the fact that this year Brazil and the Philippines will have elections and that the disinformation reporting channel will certainly be tested in the period.

The brand reiterated that the tool is still in testing and that it will be improved according to user usage and feedback.

How does the channel work?

Twitter pointed out that the whistleblower channel works as a complement to security, since more than 50% of the content that violates the rules of the social network is identified by robots. The company cited that, among this illegal content, are misleading information about covid-19, civic integrity (lies about the elections, for example) and synthetic and manipulated media (edited images that can put people at risk, for example).

“We want to understand if and how people’s reporting options can improve, in terms of speed and scope, our efforts to detect potentially harmful information. Since the launch of this test, we have received 3.73 million reports referring to 1.95 million different Tweets published by 64,000 different accounts.