Twitter Launches Feature To ‘Push Away’ Annoying Followers


Twitter: This week, Twitter began distributing a feature that promises greater autonomy to its users. The novelty is the “Remove Follower” function, which allows you to “remove” followers and limit their ability to interact with publications made on the platform — quite similar to the option already offered by Instagram.

To test the feature, just go to the “Followers” section, located in the “Profile” tab. Next, click on the three dots next to a user’s name to access more options about this account and select “Remove this follower”. Naturally, the user submitted to the process will not be notified and will no longer see the account owner’s tweets in their post feed.

This effect, also known as “soft block”, differs from the common user blocking, as it still allows removed followers to see tweets if they access the main page of an account and even send direct messages — even being possible to follow again.

Thus, the new feature can be useful for users who want to drive away followers that annoy, but don’t want to alert them with a block or other restrictive measure. The addition of this feature joins the group of other functions that seek to minimize the harassment suffered by users on Twitter, such as “Safe Mode”, still without a release date, which should automatically restrict “abusive” users.


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