Twitter Launches Communities With ‘closed’ Groups and Topics


This Wednesday (8), Twitter began testing the feature called Communities. The new feature allows users to talk about specific topics in groups made up of people who share the same interest.

Similar to “subreddits” on the Reddit forum, users can choose to tweet directly to people who are part of a community. Also, only group members are authorized to reply to these messages.

The main difference between Communities and subreddits is that all posts are public. So, even people who are not part of the group can read, quote and even report the content.

Limited release

According to the platform, the first Communities are focused on dogs, weather, sneakers, skin care and astrology. Initially, group creation will be limited and accessible only to accounts that post publications in English.

The new feature is available to some iOS users via a dedicated tab at the bottom of the Twitter app. Meanwhile, people using the web version of the social network will be able to access the groups via a link on the side of the site.

Android device owners will only be able to read the Communities tweets during the feature’s launch. However, the platform has already confirmed that it will add more functionality to the operating system “soon”.

Reddit plays with the similarities

After Twitter revealed the debut of Communities, Reddit’s official profile didn’t miss the opportunity to play with the similarities. Then the site’s social media responded to the news with an old “Interesting” meme featuring actress Miranda Cosgrove.

Playing along, Twitter Communities replicated the post with a recent replay of the scene in the new phase of the series iCarly. Apparently, the “copy” did not shake the relationship between the two companies and still served to amuse users.


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