Twitter launches ‘Comment Tweets’ section for all users


Still on Monday night (31), Twitter announced a reformulation in the area where numbers of likes and retweets are displayed. Now, the social network starts to display, in addition to retweets and number of likes, a button with ‘Comment Tweets’. These are retweets made with some type of text, image, video or GIF.

“Tweets about a tweet add more to the conversation, so we make them even easier to find,” said the company. Thus, users can know who just touched the retweet button and who did it by echoing some publication.

The novelty had been observed by users since the last week, but now it starts to be released to everyone. The new section is displayed in the applications for Android and iOS (and other operating systems), but also in the web version of the social network.

Prior to that, Twitter had renamed the retweets section to ‘Retweets and comments’, grouping the two types. On some devices, the button may still appear with this name. Mobile device users can also search for an application update in the respective stores.

A more transparent network

This is not a big change on the social network, but it comes to make it easier to understand how people interact with each tweet. In this way, the user can identify the activity in the responses to their publications in a more practical way.

In early August, Twitter also launched a feature that allows you to limit which users can reply to a tweet. Permissions are divided for everyone, people you follow or just people mentioned in a publication. The idea is to make discussions about a certain content more controlled and enriched.


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