Twitter launches ‘Birdwatch’ to help fight fake news


This Monday (25) Twitter announced the arrival of “Birdwatch”, a set of tools dedicated to fighting tweets with misleading information and false news. The new system, based on collective collaboration from users, allows for flagging misleading posts and adding notes with correct and contextualized information.

Still in the testing phase, with a small group of participants, Birdwatch received a dedicated website where interested users can register to be part of the program – registration is done using Twitter’s own access credentials. The company explains, however, that it still tests the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing this system. Thus, the features of the tool cannot yet be viewed on the main website of the network.

The official Twitter blog post details the company’s view of the tool: “We believe that this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding a context in which people trust and find it valuable,” he comments. According to Twitter, the measure seeks to avoid the dichotomy of similar measures adopted in other social networks, where the posts are only categorized as “true” or “false”.

Initially, Birdwatch will be available only to US users with verified cell phone and email addresses, a two-step authentication system enabled and no recent Twitter breaches. The resource has not yet arrived in Brazil.


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