Twitter Launches Automatic Subtitles For Voice Tweets


Twitter: Automatic subtitles for voice tweets reached the bird’s social network, announced the platform last Thursday (15). From now on, the novelty, linked to the type of post restricted, for the time being, to iOS, will display texts in several languages.

According to the company, for the transcriptions to work as expected, it is necessary to adjust the settings of the device on which the app is installed to the language in which the material is produced, since this will be the basis for generating the content .

English, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, Italian and also Portuguese are part of this initial stage of implementation.

How it works?

Just click on the CC icon, available at the top right of the voice tweets windows, to view the automatic captions. Remember that only new posts will have the functionality and the old ones will continue without the tool.

“Although it is still early and we know that the launch will not be perfect at the beginning, it is one of the many actions we are taking to expand and strengthen the accessibility of our service. We hope to continue our journey of creating something truly inclusive”, highlights Gurpreet Kaur, head of global accessibility at Twitter.