Twitter Is Working on “paid DM” As Elon Musk Continues His Pursuit of Revenue


It is reported that Twitter is now working on “paid DM” as new boss Elon Musk continues to look for new sources of income.

When Elon Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter back in April, many users assumed that it was the idea of a crane in the sky. The deal seemed dead when the Tesla boss backed out of his proposed $44 billion purchase due to bot accounts on the platforms.

However, the South African business magnate revived the deal in October and completed it a few weeks later. After taking over Twitter, he also embarked on quite a big change.

Musk caused a negative reaction when he announced plans to further expand Twitter’s premium subscription program, as well as removing user verification. However, they can leave this blue tick for a price.

Twitter will soon have “paid DM”

The SpaceX boss has repeated several times that the social media platform cannot rely solely on advertisers in terms of revenue and is therefore looking for different ways to earn money.

According to Jane Wong, who has a solid track record of reporting upcoming changes on Twitter, Facebook and beyond, Musk’s team is apparently working on “paid DM” for users.

Wong doesn’t offer any additional information other than the “paid DM” tweet, leaving it up to her. Although Twitter already offers something similar. Twitter Blue subscribers have the ability to pin their favorite conversations in private messages, which allows them to quickly sort their mailboxes.

Some users have already expressed their support for the rumors about the change, noting that it will make Twitter’s messaging system more secure. Although not everyone is so sure.

“It’s great because people will stop writing DM to each other on a completely open messaging platform without encryption,” one of them said. “Hooray, digital stamps! I do not know what problem this solves for tweets. But I would like it for email,” another added. “Let me guess: trolls can pay to bother me. Cool, cool,” commented another.

It remains to be seen exactly what changes Twitter has planned, but given Musk’s addiction to regular tweets, it probably won’t be long before he says something.


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