Twitter is testing the “undo tweet” button! May be paid


There is growing evidence that Twitter will add the “undo tweet” feature. However, it seems that those who desire this feature will have to pay a certain price in return. Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered the existence of a subscription screen linked to this feature.

Hints of the retrieval feature of posted tweets were previously seen in a survey that Twitter directed users for which features they can pay for. At the same time, this feature was found in the codes of the application. CNET also confirmed that Twitter is conducting testing on this feature.

It is not known when the feature in question will come to a large extent. However, it is understood why Twitter might want to consider this within a possible subscription service. Retrieving a tweet you regret right after posting would be a feature you might want to pay for.

Twitter did not reveal whether this feature will be available for paying customers or not. Perhaps the development work has not reached the point where the final decision can be made.

On the other hand, the design of the button indicates that it will work similar to the “undo post” button in Gmail. Gmail allows you to wait a few seconds before actually sending an email message and get it back.

In fact, the main expectation of Twitter users is to add an edit button that will allow editing within the tweets posted. However, it may be possible to obtain a feature that can reach the same door with this indirectly.


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