Twitter Increases The Number Of Users To Verify Events That Circulate On The Network


Twitter is for many a constant source of information about everything that happens in the world. And this is so, since many people only get information through social networks due to their immediacy. However, not everything that flows through the social network may be real and that is why Twitter now increases the number of users to verify the real events that circulate on the Network.

Birdwatch will have more help

Like many social networks, Twitter has become aware of the significant impact it has on users. It is not necessary to go very far to realize this, since with the arrival of COVID, it carried out an important campaign that focused on validating all the information received from the official media of competent health organizations.

But this is not the only thing that can happen over the course of a year, since information comes and goes and those who are experiencing it need to offer real data. This requires the collaboration of people and from there the Birdwatch function was born, which is capable of collecting information on what is happening in the world and verifying if they are real.

The little bird’s social network launched this feature in 2020 and since then only a small group of 10,000 people have been committed to this feature that was reduced to a tab with three options. These determine the usefulness of the information offered in three words: useful, maybe and not. Depending on the response and what Twitter receives from other users, the app will have to choose whether the information on that topic should flow more or less or what type of data is worth sending to all users.

It is, after all, a tool to combat disinformation and for it to be much more effective, the support of many more users is needed. For this reason, the company has already begun to move and has increased the number of people who are part of the Birdwatch function.

Unfortunately, the company has only closed this function to the entire North American territory and we will have to wait to enjoy this capacity in a future that we hope will not be too distant.