Twitter increases the number of account approvals


Twitter has announced that it has made an important new decision regarding account approvals. With this new decision, much more answers will be given to new requests regarding Twitter account verification. It is expected that the number of approved accounts collected will increase in a short time.

Health experts increase their Twitter account approvals
According to a recent statement by Twitter, healthcare professionals’ Twitter accounts will be included in many more approved accounts categories. To ensure this, it is emphasized that Twitter will start to receive Twitter account verification requests again.

Along with the requests made by healthcare professionals on Twitter, many new accounts are planned to be included in approved accounts in a short time.

The main reasons for such a step are unfounded information and misleading on Corona virus-related social media platforms. In order to prevent misleading and misinformation, Twitter aims to ensure that users can access correct information safely through the approved accounts of healthcare professionals.

Among the important information for Twitter account verification processes, the statement with e-mail addresses is shared. It is easier to approve the accounts of healthcare professionals on Twitter, which uses the relevant email addresses of health institutions.

With this method, users may reflect accurate information on Twitter that they are healthcare professionals.

Hundreds of new account approvals have been made so far, and it is also the information contained in the statement made by Twitter.

However, this new approval process is expected to increase Twitter account approvals in general. It seems that there will be much more return to incoming requests.

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