Twitter impersonates fake Amazon employees


Fake Twitter profiles have been impersonating Amazon employees and defending the working conditions the company is supposed to offer them. According to BBC News, the movement started on Monday night (29) and the accounts are also against the formation of a union, something that is on the agenda in Alabama, United States.

Still according to the vehicle, several of them were created in the last days and have few posts, all related to the retail giant. The social network, in turn, suspended most of the fakes, while the company they talk about confirmed that at least one of the “individuals” was not suitable.

One of the characteristics common to those involved is that they carry the AmazonFC start, followed by a name, a strategy already employed by the Jeff Bezos corporation in the past to identify brand ambassadors.

A company representative acknowledges that this “violates the terms of the platform” and said that he asked Twitter to investigate the occurrences and take the actions provided for in the regulations.

Virtual and physical consequences

If inappropriate actions are confirmed, says Twitter, responsible accounts can be temporarily suspended or even banned. In addition, those that are not linked to companies must make the information explicit in the bio – and, for the time being, it is not known which fakes in question are commanded by employees or third parties.

In any case, the official Amazon News profile frequently comments on the giant’s practices. In one of the posts, for example, in which attacks were made by Mark Pocan, a politician from Wisconsin (USA), he highlighted: “The truth is that we have more than 1 million incredible employees around the world, who are proud of what they do, great wages and health coverage from the first [contract] day. ”

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If Alabama’s decision is favorable to the creation of a union, other US states may follow the same steps, which will affect the strategies of the currently the second largest employer in the United States.


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