Twitter hides and reduces reach of Trump publications


As the world watches one of the most disputed US presidential elections, social media tries to contain the avalanche of disinformation that comes from all sides – and one of the first to be contained was Republican candidate and current president, Donald Trump: Twitter , after numerous notices, decided to limit the scope of its publications on the counting of votes.

Since yesterday, he claims, without evidence, that the other side (in this case, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party) was “trying to steal” the elections, taking “ballots out of nowhere” in favor of his opponent . Therefore, two of his publications, posted on Wednesday (4) had a reduced reach.

As the vote count progresses, Twitter continues to signal most of the American president’s publications, with all possible alerts. In some, the content remains hidden – you have to click on it to see the text (the publications have been kept on the air).

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