Twitter has updated for sharing options


Twitter, one of the most used social media platforms today, brought a new feature for sharing options. Thanks to the update that provides more comfortable usage for users visually, tweets can be shared easily to different applications.

Before the update, it was more difficult to share a tweet via a different application such as WhatsApp. However, with the new sharing view, ease of sharing will be provided both inside and outside the application.

Twitter sharing options have been updated

With the new update, both Android users and iOS users will share from a simpler and understandable visual menu. When clicking the share button for a tweet, users will first be shown the options “Send via Direct Message” and “Share in a Fleet”.

Then there will be a “Bookmark”, “Copy link” and “Share via:” button for Twitter sharing options. When the last button is pressed, the phone’s own sharing menu will appear and the applications will be listed. There will be recommended applications in the last row of the sharing page.

The feature in question was started to be used on iOS devices in September. With the arrival of Android models, all users became available. Twitter shared the information about the use of the feature from its own account as follows:

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