Twitter has started testing a new Space feature


Competing with Space and Clubhouse, Twitter aims to increase interaction with the hashtag feature it brought to Space.


With the Clubhouse application losing its former popularity, Twitter focused on Space, where chat rooms can be created. Activating the Topic tag tab for Space users, the company continues to work to increase interaction.

Twitter, which is among the most used social media platforms, comes up with radical changes to appeal to more users.

Twitter will make Space feature more useful with hashtag

Live broadcasts and audio rooms are among the important features that increase the interaction of social media users. Twitter has activated the reaction feature in the past weeks.

Twitter users will be able to easily discover the Space rooms that interest them, thanks to the hashtags offered by the company.

Stating that up to 3 hashtags can be added to the created Space room, the company announced that the feature is currently active for certain users.

Currently available for Android device owners, the feature has 10 different hashtags, mainly entertainment, games and world news.

Announcing that iOS support will come soon, Twitter underlined that more hashtags will be added if the use of Space increases.


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