Twitter has a bug that retrieves a deleted tweet


The ability to edit a post that you have published on a social network depends on the space in which you move.

For example, Facebook allows you to make modifications in the message that you have published while in others such as Twitter, what you have published remains uploaded unless you delete it. But it is in the social network of the little bird where a somewhat strange characteristic has been found and that some have categorized as proof. It turns out that replies to a tweet you’ve deleted reappear when you want to reply again.

Responses reappearing on Twitter

Twitter is the social network where everyone can freely express their opinion while waiting for others to respond. You are also part of that dynamic, but sometimes an answer is not well formulated or you do not want it to be read, so you will have to delete the tweet that you have published in response. This is possible, but some users have come across a most curious feature.

Turns out, some Twitter users have seen a reply reappear in the typing box once deleted. As you can see in the tweet that user Tom Warren has published, after deleting a reply published to a tweet from a contact, it reappears when he decides to reply again. In her case, she says that Jack Dorsey’s company works on a way to edit the tweets that you have deleted, so that if something has not convinced you, it is saved so that you can write it correctly.

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