Twitter Hacker’s Court Has Been Divided!


The trial of the Florida teenager, accused of being behind the big Twitter attack last month, was interrupted by pornography. The trial took place via the video chat application Zoom, but was suspended after repeated interruptions.

The 17-year-old suspect, Graham Ivan Clark, claimed to be released on Tuesday with a lower bail amount after claiming he was not guilty. During the trial, Zoom users – changed their names to impersonate CNN and BBC News staff – attended the meeting without invitation.

Florida newspaper Tampa Bay Times expressed that there were frequent interruptions during the trial. One of these cuts was the display of pornographic images. Some participants played music across the line. Others posted pornographic images using Zoom’s screen sharing feature.

Ryan Hughes, a WFLA News reporter in Florida, said that Judge Christopher Nash said “next time he will ask for the password.” As it is known, anyone with a meeting ID number can attend meetings without a password on Zoom.

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