Twitter focuses on controversial preview


Posts made on Twitter for a while reveal that there are some problems regarding racism and discrimination. Users upload two photos and the preview highlights photos or images of white-skinned people. Thousands of posts were made about Twitter preview photos.

Do Twitter preview photos contain racism and discrimination?

This situation, which causes debates such as racism and political discrimination, seems to be caused by a problem with the Twitter algorithm. How did the events begin? First of all, two photos comparing Blackface and Whiteface were added side by side. The Twitter algorithm, showing mostly white skinned people, while the small-standing photo was shown in the preview caused racism controversy.

In addition, when photos of men and women are added in the same way, the man is highlighted.

Users later tackled this situation and discovered that Twitter’s preview algorithm also preferred cartoon characters without black skin. Many users who post like this seem to have actually found the vulnerability of Twitter.

After discussions, Twitter’s machine learning researchers previously tried to explain the whole situation in a blog post where they used facial recognition and facial recognition technology to focus the view on the most prominent face they could find in a picture.

So what will the algorithm focus on if there is no face in the image? In some cases, the system even detected faces that were completely absent. So he was wrong. In the case of photos without faces, the algorithm focuses on the view in the center of the image, resulting in oddly cropped photo previews.

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In this case, it turns out that there is a problem with Twitter’s algorithm, at least there are deficiencies. Dantley Davis, chief design officer of Twitter regarding the problem in question, stated that the company is investigating this issue and trying to solve the problem with an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Some of the posts are as follows:


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