Twitter: Fleets functionality starts very well on the social network!


Fleets: Twitter’s new feature finds real success from the start! We give you more details.

Twitter: its new Fleets feature is a real success!

Fleets? What is that ?

Well, this is simply the new functionality of Twitter. This is the equivalent of stories on other social networks.

The blue bird thus launches into a very risky bet. Indeed, it is useless to recall to what extent the Twittos are not big fans of radical changes.

But obviously this time the sauce takes very well! Indeed, the social network has presented its novelty and is already meeting with real success.

Besides, the first feedback on Fleets is very positive. So it’s encouraging for the social network.

In March 2020, Twitter announced the arrival of the Fleets in Brazil. Big changes therefore for the twittosphere which does not fail to ignite at this announcement.

Indeed, users did not see much interest in it. But this possibility of sharing thoughts for 24 hours is a real success.

Besides, there are no big differences with the Stories that we already know from other social networks. Indeed, the user can share a text and accompany it with an image and his subscribers can respond directly to him.

It’s also a way to encourage the shy. Indeed, knowing that the story only lasts 24 hours encourages some to share their thoughts.

In any case the first results are there … and they are quite good!

“It is still * very early *, but we are seeing less abuse with Fleets (than with conventional tweets) because only a small percentage of them are reported every day,” Twitter said in a tweet.

Needless to say, how infamous Twitter is for cyberbullying. But also for hate speech!

But does that really mean there are fewer? Case to follow.


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