Twitter Fixes Disappearing Messages Error


Twitter: Nobody likes to be interrupted when reading interesting content, no matter how small. This can happen to you even if you’re reading a tweet from one of the accounts you follow, or maybe it’s a thread long enough to hook you. But users of the iOS version have been suffering a fairly important failure in the operation of the app, and that is that Twitter has finally solved the error whereby messages disappeared while the user was reading them.

Twitter fixes a major bug in iOS

If you are looking for information immediately, you may find the application you need on Twitter. The service tells you every second everything new on the Internet, or at least the latest updates from the people who are important to you. The problem comes when the flow of information is so great that it is impossible to keep up, something that is usually very easy.

But the problem is much more serious in the division dedicated to the iOS application, where many users have already complained that tweets disappeared under their noses when using the application. The funny thing is that they are not isolated cases and the firm itself has confirmed that it was aware of this error in which the messages disappear from the view of users because the wall was updated automatically and suddenly.

But finally the good news comes from the firm itself, and it is precisely that a tweet from it has confirmed that the changes were on the way. In the message you can read that ““ We have made some updates to iOS to prevent Tweets from disappearing in the middle of reading. Now when you pause scrolling your timeline to see a Tweet, it should stay still! ”

As a joke, the company apologizes for the error, but it seems that it is in the latest version of the application where we will see these improvements implemented. As we told you, this problem of messages disappearing automatically on Twitter only occurs in the iOS version, so if you are a user of the app on an android phone, you will have nothing to worry about other than receiving the latest news in your terminal to use the app as you like best.