Twitter finally brings that feature to Android


Twitter is coming to share feature for Android. Thanks to Twitter’s share button outside of the application, sending Twitter posts to someone becomes easy. This feature was previously available for iOS users. Now, this feature, which is actually very “simple”, is coming to millions of Android users.

Twitter offers sharing feature functionality for Android

Twitter wants to expand its reach to other apps as well. Twitter, which tried more accessible and shareable options, introduced and made available the new “Share” feature with a renewed user interface for iOS users in August.

Through this drop-down menu, Twitter users can share the posts they like with the people they love in other applications. It will be a very enjoyable feature especially for Android users who want to send shares via WhatsApp to their friend who does not use Twitter.

Twitter Android için paylaşma özelliği

Discovering the potential of this sharing feature in a short time, Twitter expands this simple feature to iOS and Android users. It is stated that Twitter will launch this feature very soon. With the Twitter for Android sharing feature, it is aimed to reach more people.

Still, some criticism is made. Because Instagram is known to offer a better experience for iOS users, and Twitter’s first offering of this new feature to iOS users seems to offend Android users. At least, the criticisms made on social media are generally in this direction.

Here’s how the feature will look like this:

Twitter Android için paylaşma özelliği


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