Twitter Expresses Concern Over ‘Visit’ of Police Officers in India


Twitter: On Thursday (27), Twitter commented for the first time on the invasion of its offices in India on Monday (24). At the time, police officers went to the social network’s headquarters in New Delhi and Gurgaon looking for explanations about a government member’s post labeled “manipulated”.

A BBC spokesman told the BBC that the company is concerned about recent events in Indian territory, when agents wanted to notify the head of the country’s microblog. He also mentioned the police invasion as a “potential threat” to freedom of expression.

“We, along with many in civil society in India and around the world, have concerns about the use of intimidation tactics by the police in response to the application of our global Terms of Service, as well as the central elements of the new rules IT ”, commented the spokesman.

According to these terms, the manipulated media label is applied to content with altered information. In the tweet that generated all the controversy, a member of the BJP party reportedly released a false document on how the government deals with the pandemic, claiming it was created by the opposition.

New rules

In February, new rules were introduced in the country to regulate the posting of content on social networks. Among other things, the law provides for platforms to provide data to facilitate the tracking of authors of specific messages, if requested by authorities.

Twitter also expressed concern about this new legislation, saying it was “a dangerous exaggeration that is inconsistent with open and democratic principles”. The company asked for a minimum extension of three months in the deadline to implement the rules, but has not yet received answers.

Because of the law, WhatsApp sued the government of India on Wednesday (26). In the lawsuit, the messenger claims that it will be necessary to violate the privacy of users in order to comply with the provisions.


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