Twitter Erupts on “1899” From “Dark” Creators, Why Is Everyone Going Crazy?


The cerebellar psychological thriller “1899” from Netflix is a mind-bending puzzle that will keep viewers on their toes until the last moment. This is a story about secrets that will probably keep you guessing until the last moment, and the 8-episode series will end before you even realize it. The series has noticeably captured the minds and fan chats about mysterious dramas since the ship docked on the shores of the streaming giant.

The drama created by the creators of the internationally popular TV series “Dark” seems to be multilingual. The show caused a real stir among Tweeters who became obsessed with the show.

Twitter Becomes “sic” as Fans Drink 1899 on Netflix

It is noteworthy that fans on Twitter go crazy when they broadcast the series of the second year of Yantje Friese and the Ram bo Odar. While the direction, cinematography, and concept are praised, they seem to be criticizing the slow pace of 1899. In particular, they post memes and mood boards on their social media walls to express their excitement.


Some fans also recommend watching the psychological horror Netflix Original in its original voice with subtitles included to get the best experience.

What’s the fuss about

The events of the thriller take place on a ship in the titular year 1899. In it, travelers from both ends of the world are either running away from something or hiding an important secret. During the voyage from Europe to the USA, there is a French couple, a Spanish priest, a thoughtful German captain, a mother and daughter duo from China, several Englishmen, Danish passengers and many others on the ship. Each episode begins with memories of the main characters, which gives viewers the opportunity to get to know them better.

And just at the moment when you want to explore these characters, the ship will come into contact with Prometheus, a steam boat that mysteriously sank four months before this trip. What awaits then is a creepy atmosphere, ghosts lurking around, and scary secrets waiting to get on your nerves.

Offering magical realism at its best, welcome aboard the mysterious sails of the Voyage of 1899. Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Psychological Horror is now streaming on Netflix.


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