Twitter down: Problems in the social network service


Panic, Twitter is down. The microblogging social network has stopped working right now, around 4 p.m. (Spanish time) on Thursday, October 1. Although there are those who can enter both through the desktop version and through the mobile application, other users are reporting failures in the login, in the sending of messages, and in the reloading of the timeline.

Twitter fallen in half the world

It was 15 minutes ago when the social network began to fail and the reports of complaints from users have multiplied and grown. As we can see from the fault map, the drop has been widespread around the world, especially in Ireland and the whole of the United Kingdom. In Spain it is very localized in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although we are hardly noticing it.

The worst part is taken by the United States, the southeast of Australia and especially the center of Japan, since in cities like San Francisco, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Philadelphia, Austin or Washington DC the service has been collapsed and is where it is registering more failures. We’ll be watching when it will reset, but right now user complaint reports are skyrocketing.

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