Twitter Down Momentarily And Problems With The BBVA Bank And Its Online Services


Twitter: Panic, but Twitter is down. The microblogging social network has stopped working this afternoon, between 5 and 6 today, Thursday the 17th. In itself, you can enter both the desktop version and the mobile application, but you cannot send messages, or in some cases reload the timeline at all. Or at least you couldn’t.

Twitter down in half the world

It was an hour ago when the social network began to fail and the reports of user complaints have multiplied and grown. As we can see on the Down Detector website, on Twitter Spain there has been a one-off drop, but enough to trigger the number of complaints, although now it seems to be working well. In other places like the United States it has also been felt strongly and seems to have ended as well.

BBVA with problems

The news is not so much the fall of Twitter, but also the problems that the BBVA bank and its online services are having. Down Detector shows that from 10 am today until now they are still failing, in a drop of more than 8 hours.

The problem and what has caused this fall is unknown, but BBVA users continue to report problems and failures when carrying out processes and procedures online. Two hours ago BBVA’s last message on Twitter about the status of its platform, which is still affected: “We are having technical access problems on our channels. We have detected the incident and we are working to restore the service as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience “.