Twitter Deleting Followers: Understand The ‘Clean’ on The Social Network


Twitter: On Monday night (14), several Twitter users claimed they lost followers on the social network. According to reports, some profiles had more than 10 thousand followers suddenly deleted from the microblog. The company revealed that it is doing a “clean” on unauthenticated accounts on the site.

In Brazil, the profiles most affected by the “disappearance of followers” include politicians such as Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), who claims to have lost 15,000 followers yesterday. Abraham Weintraub, a former education minister, also complained that about 10,000 accounts have disappeared from his profile.

Conservative blogger Bernado Küster said he was widely affected and lost around 10,000 followers on the social network. Journalist Leandro Demori, from Intercept Brasil, also commented on the case and noted a reduction in their numbers, but on a smaller scale: around 600 followers were removed from the profile.

Cleaning Twitter Accounts

In a post on its support profile, Twitter explained the reason for the disappearance of followers. The company noted that users may notice “fluctuations in the number of followers” due to an account verification process.

The check asks suspicious profiles to confirm their Twitter password or phone number. If this does not happen, the account is removed from the followers counter until a way to prove the authenticity of the profile is presented to the social network.

According to Twitter, the procedure is performed regularly and aims to reduce the incidence of spam and fake accounts on the social network. It is noteworthy that the same happens on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.


While deleting fake accounts is a common procedure on social media, deleting Twitter followers sparked debate late Monday. Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) demanded explanations from the social network and said that the government must take measures to “end these abuses”.

The parliamentarian mentioned a law that came into force in Poland in January and fines social networks in case of improper blocking or exclusions. According to Reuters, the punishment for companies can reach up to US$ 13.5 million, about R$ 67.5 million in direct conversion.

Similar legislation is under development in Brazil and wants to prevent companies like Twitter from deleting posts considering only social media usage policies. The proposal aims to limit the deleted content only to court decisions, violations of the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) and user or third-party requests.

The decree comes after social networks erase or limit the reach of President Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) publications during the covid-19 pandemic. In addition to having posts deleted last year, the head of state also received a notification of “misleading content” on Twitter in April.


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