Twitter Could Win $ 3 Monthly Subscription With ‘Edit’ Button


Twitter may soon receive a new subscription service called Twitter Blue, which is supposed to feature an “edit button”. The novelty appeared in a leak with a price of US $ 2.99 (about R $ 15 in direct conversion) monthly.

According to developer Jane Manchun Wong, who obtained images of the novelty, the subscription guarantees extra functions for payers. The main addition is the “edit” tweets button, which provides extra time for the user to change the message before posting.

Twitter Blue subscribers will not be able to change old posts, but will have the ability to “unpublish” a recent tweet. During a certain window of time, which apparently will be small, the user will be able to edit the message and post it on the social network.

In addition to the edit tweets button, Twitter Blue will feature a function called Collections. The novelty will make it possible to organize publications from the social network into collections, facilitating the search for content.


More versions are expected

According to Wong, Twitter Blue is just one of the subscription options that will be coming soon to the site. The trend is that the platform will release more paid versions bringing other benefits for users willing to spend money on the social network.

In addition to subscriptions, Twitter is also adopting other forms of monetization. The company now allows users to donate money to certain profiles and also has a paid system of newsletters with the Revue platform. The social network can still win a version without ads, after purchasing the Scroll service.


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