Twitter clubhouse appears in Spaces social network feed


Shortly after the success of the social network of audiences Clubhouse, Twitter started testing a function called Spaces, which allows groups of users to join in voice calls. The novelty still has limitations, but the company has already started to bring some improvements, including a better display in the main feed of the microblog.

Available only on cell phones, Spaces meetings are now displayed as an interactive card in the social network feed for those who have already been contemplated with the update. Groups can also be shared with the special view in Fleets.

The interactive card has a preview of the participants who are at the Spaces meeting. To create the special visualization, the user only needs to share the group link as a tweet or fleeting Fleets post through the cell phone. It is worth mentioning, however, that followers on the computer will see only the publication URL.

Despite being a simple change, the novelty already brings more sharing possibilities for Spaces. Currently, the simplest way to see that a meeting is taking place is to check the Fleets bar, which displays users using the platform with a purple circle.

More news

In addition to the improved view in the Twitter feed, Spaces should receive more improvements soon. According to clues found on the social network, a function to make donations to speakers at a meeting is under development.

The “donation jar” will allow the public to send tips to group presenters at Spaces. The function will have integration with financial platforms, including Cash App, Patreon and PayPal, according to an image leaked by programmer Jane Manchun Wong.

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So far, Twitter has not officially commented on the launch of the novelty.


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