Twitter closed 130 accounts linked to Iran


Twitter closed 130 Iran-linked accounts trying to disrupt the conversations about the open session, which was held on Tuesday night and against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who will compete for the US presidency. Micro blogging service made the announcement on the subject through their support account. Some sample posts supporting Trump and questioning the neutrality of moderator Chris Wallace were also shown in Twitter’s statement.

According to Twitter’s statement, the accounts in question were identified as a result of the intelligence provided by the FBI. In the statement sent by the FBI to CNET, it was confirmed that information was shared with social networks. However, no specific information was given about the last incident.

The FBI’s statement includes the following statements: “Although it is not possible for us to share the details of the information provided, the FBI regularly transmits information to social media platforms to better protect themselves. The FBI is working with federal partners, election officials and private companies to prevent threats to national security and elections. ”

In the statement made by Twitter, it was noted that the interaction number of the deleted accounts was very low. The company stated that this was possible thanks to rapid detection. Twitter has promised to share more information on accounts deleted after the review is complete.

Twitter previously removed accounts that it announced to be linked to Iran for intervention in the elections. The micro blogging service deleted 2,600 Iran-based accounts in February 2019 on the grounds that they were trying to intervene in the midterm elections in the USA.

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