Twitter: Choose Between Pablo’s Life and Views, Which Ones Are More Popular


The world of hip-hop is perhaps one of the brightest and most controversial segments of the music industry. Hip-hop has given us the most influential musicians and artists. However, apart from the music, it also caused some significant controversy among the public. One of the most memorable of them was the feud between Kanye West and Drake. Undoubtedly, Ye and Drake are among the most popular artists in the industry today. And recently Twitter caused a wave of reaction after users had to choose between two cult albums of the duo.

The words from Drake’s song “Thank You to Me Now” “Your idols become your rivals” remain true when it comes to his connection with Ye. Over the decade, Drake and Ye’s relationship has completely changed. Drake went from praising and idealizing Ye to a war of words through songs and social media. And recently, RapTv divided fans into two parts after asking users to choose between Yee’s “The Life Of Pablo” and Drake’s “Views”. And interestingly, the reaction was quite peculiar.

While several fans said that Ye’s album easily surpasses Drake’s, others seemed to side with Drake. Interestingly, in defense of Drake, a fan commented on how the Views hitmaker wrote a song for the Ye album. In another place, the user even pointed out that it was difficult to compare, since both albums are iconic.

All in all, it seems that even Drake fans agreed that “The Life of Pablo” was the best album between the two of them.

Surprisingly, one of the users had a completely different discussion. He seemed to disagree, adding that both albums were “average”.


Unusual facts about the life of Pablo Kanye West

As we all know, Kanye West’s influence on music was huge. Almost every album of the rapper is a cult, and fans can’t get enough of Ye’s creativity. And almost 7 years after its release, here are some interesting facts about the “Life of Pablo” Ye. Firstly, one of the most popular songs on the album “30 Hours” was inspired by one of Ye’s ex-girlfriends. Interestingly, the song was an ode by the rapper to his ex-girlfriend Sumeka Rainey.

Secondly, it was initially assumed that Chance the Rapper, who appeared on Ye’s Ultralight Beam, would appear in more of the album’s songs. According to RevoltTV reports, the artist was going to appear in two popular songs: “Famous” and “Waves”. Interestingly, Chance The Rapper even wrote Waves.

Who do you like best from Drake and Ye? Comment below.


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