Twitter Checks Author Cormac McCarthy’s Fake Account Twice


Twitter accidentally awarded the verification seal to an account that allegedly belonged to writer Cormac McCarthy. ICM Partners, the agency that represents the author, stated that the verified profile is false.

“We can confirm that this account is definitely not by writer Cormac McCarthy. Twitter is aware of this situation and we hope to have the issue resolved soon,” said a company spokesperson.

McCarthy is world renowned for being the author of The Road, Blood Meridian and Where the Weak Don’t Turn. The 88-year-old writer doesn’t use computers.

Twitter fixes verification error

The @CormacMcCrthy profile has been posting frequently on random subjects since 2018. However, the page received the famous blue stamp after some tweets went viral and accumulated tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

After the repercussion of the case, Twitter said that the account verification occurred due to an error. In addition, the platform has already removed the blue profile icon.

Surprisingly, this is the second time the social network has recognized a fake profile tied to McCarthy. In 2012, the social network also verified an account that belonged to the author, but it was created by a Scottish screenwriter named Michael Crossan.

The Twitter Verification Problem

After the relaunch in early 2021, checking Twitter profiles is often the target of criticism. Many users consider the process to be slow, unfair and flawed.

The social network cites that only “authentic, notable and active” accounts are approved. However, researchers believe the action is done randomly, as several bot-managed profiles are given the blue stamp.


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