Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reacted to Coinbase CEO


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey opposed the company policy of Brian Armstrong, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, saying “We will be apolitical, don’t want to go”.

Known for his support for Bitcoin, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reacted to one of the biggest exchanges, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s company policy as “We will be apolitical, let those who do not want to go”.

Brian Armstrong announced on Sunday that his company would not engage in social issues, would not be an activist, and would take an apolitical stance on many issues. Armstrong later released a note to company employees and said, “Employees who are dissatisfied with this situation can speak to Human Resources. “They will be provided compensation income under the best conditions.”

“You are already an activist”

Dorsey, on the other hand, reacted to Armstrong’s statements with his tweets and emphasized that Coinbase is already in an activist position as it is a cryptocurrency exchange:

“Bitcoin (aka crypto) is a direct activism that excludes, directly affects the society and opposes the formations that create a discriminatory financial system. It is unreasonable to claim the opposite. It is important to at least deal with and solve the social problems your customers face every day. ”

It is also noteworthy that all these discussions are at a time when the presidential race between Biden and Trump in the USA is heating up, Kovid-19 is ongoing and there are serious events and unrest in the streets.

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