Twitter CEO Calls Nigeria to Donate with Bitcoin


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called for a Bitcoin donation for a group of activists who called for help in the Nigeria-based protests. In the protests surrounding the West African country recently, it was learned that the country has banned banking and fintech applications, so donations to be made with Bitcoin are expected.

The recent protests against the Special Anti-Robbery Team (SARS) in Nigeria have led many young people to join this movement for days. People and organizations who wanted to support the protests started donation campaigns. But donation campaigns were stalled when Nigeria completely banned banking and fintech practices. A group of protesters demanded donations in Bitcoin (BTC). The Twitter CEO also did not remain silent against the Nigeria-based protests and asked for support with Bitcoin.

Support for #ENDSARS Donations from Jack Dorsey

Nigeria, which blocked the way of money transfers due to the events, paved the way for fundraising with Bitcoin. Many groups and activists in the country announced that they are starting to accept donations with Bitcoin. The most prominent among them was the activist group The Feminist Coalition Group. Following the group’s shares with the hashtag #SARSMustEnd, their bank accounts and donation account on the popular Fintech platform Flutterwave were closed. After that, the group shared its Bitcoin address on their twitter account.

The post, which attracted the attention of Twitter CEO, reached thousands of people. Jack Dorsey, who shared the tweet of the activist group The Feminist Coalition Group, asked the group to be supported with Bitcoin with the hashtag #EndSARS. The tweet he shared received more than 72 thousand retweets and likes.

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Protesters Start Funding With Bitcoin

After protesters in Nigeria asked for donations with Bitcoin, many people supported this campaign and over 50 money transfers were made. According to the shared data, around 3000 dollars were collected. According to the comments, the usage area of ​​Bitcoin can expand and become more important as the residents of Nigeria start to adopt cryptocurrencies more.


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