Twitter CEO Announces Bitcoin’s Ultimate Purpose


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with Human Rights Foundation President Thor Halvorssen on September 25 and shared his views on Bitcoin. Dorsey, who defined Bitcoin as “the money of the Internet” for a long time, explained the ultimate goal of Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, described Bitcoin as “the Internet’s best currency” earlier this month. Just a few weeks later, Dorsey met with Thor Halvorssen at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2020 event and gave him some statements supporting Bitcoin.

A Look at the Future of Bitcoin

Dorsey explained why Bitcoin and blockchain technology are important and how they will take shape in the future. Dorsey thinks that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will become “more and more individual-oriented” over time and the concept of decentralization will consolidate in this way.

Dorsey believes that this is very important for society; He thinks that Bitcoin and blockchain can shape the future of society. Drawing attention to the decentralized and censorship-resistant nature of these technologies, Dorsey; He gave the message that “no content produced can be destroyed” and a future can be built in which it cannot be censored, thanks to Bitcoin and blockchain.

At this point, Twitter CEO, who also mentioned the ultimate purpose of Bitcoin; In the “trustless world we live in; Saying that it provides a reliable system ”Dorsey; he said that this was his essential function.


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