Twitter can hide unwanted responses from your tweets!


Twitter has launched a feature that will regulate debates on twitter and unwanted tweets. So the author of a tweet can now hide an answer likely to change the original subject, or the tone of a debate.

Indeed, Twitter tries at best to stop the hateful talk that strolls. Thus, Thursday, November 21 they have set up a new function allowing everyone to keep interest and control of a discussion. Above all, having the power to “hide” some answers in his own tweets. “Everyone should feel safe and comfortable talking on Twitter,” says Suzanne Xie, who is responsible for products in a blog post. A novelty that will please users!

“To do this, we need to change the way in which the exchanges take place on our platform. She assured. Because often these people change the whole course of a debate, an idea. Sometimes even the authors of a tweet lose all the control of a subject by their fault. “We tested an option to hide the answers to your tweets. We have found that this feature is a new and useful way to manage your discussions. Explains Twitter, saying that it will be available worldwide.

However Twitter does not want to censor its followers, on the contrary! So to avoid that, everyone can continue to see the hidden answers. As well as whether or not to continue the discussion with the authors of these masked tweets. In a very simple way, by clicking on a gray icon. One way to control while leaving others free to answer or not.

“But people will still be able to see the whole thing,” says Twitter, referring to everything hidden. In addition, they explain that they are still working on other areas of control and on “greater clarity” on their rules. Twitter will understand, it is important to protect its members.


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