Twitter came up with a new hacking scandal


While the Twitter hacking scandal that broke out in the past months remained fresh, another vulnerability issue emerged. This time, the target of the scandal was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a Twitter statement, it was stated that Modi’s personal account was hacked, while a series of messages were sent to followers for donations to crypto money funds.

Twitter hacking scandal continues at full speed

The latest victim of hacking attacks on famous names was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Twitter stated that it is aware of these hacking activities and underlined that it is taking steps to secure the account. In addition, it was stated that the attack was the most extensive Twitter violation after the intervention made by famous names such as Joe Biden, who will face Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, and Elon Musk, founder of Tesla.

Twitter hack skandalı için yeni raunt başladı

It was learned that the account affected by the attack was the account Modi shared about 2.5 million personal websites. It was stated that there was no problem with the account of 61.8 million and the main use of the Prime Minister.

Speaking to the BBC on the issue, a Twitter spokesperson said, “We are currently actively investigating the situation. “We are not aware of whether other accounts are affected or not,” he said. In the tweets that were removed after a short while, it was asked to donate crypto money to the Prime Ministry National Relief Fund (PM National Relief Fund), which India has accumulated to support the public in natural and man-made disasters.

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