Twitter Buys Scroll, a Paid Service That Removes Ads on Websites


Twitter: On Tuesday (5), Twitter announced the purchase of Scroll, a paid service that removes advertisements from news sites. The acquisition is part of the social network’s strategy to launch a subscription plan with extra features.

Tony Haile, CEO of Scroll, explained in a note that one of the reasons he sold the company was because “Twitter’s ambitions are bigger than people realize”.

Scroll uses third-party cookies or browser extensions to tell sites not to serve ads to subscribers. Unlike an ad blocker, pages receive a portion of the subscription fee.

Mike Park, vice president of product for Twitter, confirmed that the service will be included in the social network’s subscription plan. Thus, it can solve one of the most frustrating parts for those who read various content on the internet.

“We plan to include the Scroll in the subscription model that we are creating. As a subscriber, imagine having access to resources where you can easily read articles or receive a Revue newsletter knowing that part of the value will go to the creators ”, explained the executive.

The expectation is that the Twitter subscription service will be launched later this year. For the time being, information about the possible monthly values ​​has not been revealed.

New acquisitions and features

Twitter is making a great effort to bring new attractions to the platform. In January of this year, the company acquired Revue, a platform that helps users monetize the sending of newsletters.

This week, the social network released the Spaces feature for any profile with more than 600 followers. In addition, she plans to add options like “Tip Jar” and the creation of Paid Spaces so that creators can also monetize using the tool.


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