Twitter Brings Spaces To The Website


Twitter brings Spaces to its website. Twitter announced its voice chat room feature called Spaces in December. Going beyond tweets in line with its monetization goals, the company is now bringing Spaces, which it introduced to users on iOS and Android, to desktop and mobile sites.

Twitter has not neglected to provide information on how Spaces will work on the web. Users will be able to see the participants and the topic in the preview window that opens before joining a chat room. After joining the room, it will be possible to move around on Twitter by shrinking the room. For users who have hearing difficulties or do not want to turn on the sound in the same window, a speech to text service will be offered.

He had previously announced his goal of making Twitter Spaces more accessible with subtitles and tags. Reminding that accessibility and transcription features are at the focal point of Spaces’ web experience, the company also offers features such as reminders and calendars to users. Making the interface suitable for the screen size of the users is also among Twitter’s priorities.

Twitter Spaces, which was newly available on the web, was built on the foundations of Breakers, the podcast application purchased by Twitter. Twitter users who currently have 600 followers can start a chat room. Micro blogging service is preparing to organize ticketed events on Spaces.


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