Twitter Brings ‘Content by Location’ Feature to Discover Page


The social media platform Twitter, visited by millions of users every day, brought content by location to the Explore page. With this feature, users will only be able to see content or lists that are trending in their region if they wish.

Notifying users of what’s going on with the Explore and Agenda tabs, Twitter is making some changes to offer more relevant results on the Explore tab. The platform, which presents the # Explore content, taking into account the people you followed before, will only show lists in this tab according to the location you choose, with the new update.

Twitter previously offered the listing by location feature on the Agenda tab. Users who wanted to find out what was going on in the agenda of different countries or regions could reach the agenda of these regions only by changing the region of their choice. Now, the same feature will be brought to the Explore tab, and users will be presented with more relevant and location-only content.

How to enable location feature in Explore?
In order to see more relevant content according to your location and the people you follow in Explore, you need to activate this feature just like the Agenda tab. To do this, when you come to the Explore page, you need to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and turn on the ‘Show content in this location’ option. On the screen that opens when you touch the gear icon, you can also change your location and access the Explore pages of different regions.

The new feature of Twitter was an innovation many people wanted, although it may seem quite complicated for some users. Thus, users who are not interested in the agendas outside their own country will have the opportunity to access more specific content.

Twitter introduced new features to prevent misinformation about coronavirus:
In these days when the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread rapidly, reaching the right information is of great importance. At this point, especially social media platforms do a great job. Being aware of this situation, Twitter recently introduced its new feature to prevent false information about the coronavirus spreading on the platform.

With this feature built on directing people to the right sources while looking for information about COVID-19, users will encounter reliable content at the top of the search results when they enter Twitter to learn about coronavirus.


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