Twitter Bots Pretend To Help But Only Want To Steal Cryptocurrencies


Twitter: Have you been using Twitter to ask for help from digital wallet services that store your cryptocurrencies? Caution: this type of message also serves to attract fake profiles that can mislead the user and lead you to put personal or access data where you shouldn’t.

The site Bleeping Computer has been monitoring for months a scheme that seems to have returned full steam, expanded to more and more platforms and cryptocurrencies.

Phishing: Hackers Are Attacking Verified Twitter Accounts

The action is simple: Twitter bots keep an eye out for messages from unsuspecting users complaining about errors in services like Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Disguised as the official support of these platforms, the robots send messages saying they will solve the problem quickly via private message (DM).

This is where the danger lies: in DMs, criminals send a link to a fake page, disguised as a login screen for these virtual wallets. Phishing happens when you are tricked into putting information into the fields, which is a text document that even asks for your account recovery phrases.

By passing all this data to the robot, criminals are able to steal tokens from wallets and empty victims’ accounts.