Twitter Blue: Paid Version Starts To Be launched In The First Countries


Twitter confirmed this Thursday (3) the launch of its paid version. Called Twitter Blue, the subscription grants users extra functions for a monthly fee. Initially, the launch will be made in Australia and Canada, but the price in Brazil was revealed by the App Store, suggesting that the service will cost R$ 15.90.

The news, which had not been directly confirmed by Twitter until then, was discovered by developer Jane Manchun Wong. The novelty brings users a series of extra functions that are not present in the traditional version of the platform. Among them, it will be possible to “undo” a tweet before it is published.

While it’s not actually a button to edit tweets that have already been posted, the new feature will give subscribers a 30-second period to decide whether or not to post a message.

Onslaught outside the ads

This is Twitter’s first foray into profiting from the platform while bypassing the ad networks. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has previously stated that the company has been looking at ways to make the business more profitable.

Other new features that come with Twitter Blue include better management of saved items. Instead of a single space, users will be able to group tweets into different folders. There is also a reading mode that groups an entire thread and makes it easier to read the content — a solution that has even been created by third-party platforms.


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