Twitter block for US President Trump!


Cold winds continue to blow between US President Trump and Twitter. The social media platform, which previously prevented Trump from tweeting, scrutinizes almost every post of the President of the United States, who suffers from Covid-19 disease. But why did Trump face the Twitter block this time?

Trump faces Twitter block again

Twitter had not tweeted for a certain period of time because it shared misleading information about the coronavirus. The President, angry with this situation, made poisonous statements against the social media platform and argued that it was unnecessary. Even Elon Musk expressed the same views as President Trump at that time.

Today, on Twitter, Trump, who said that he was immune to coronavirus, shared a post that he would no longer catch the disease. Twitter, on the other hand, soon prevented this sharing from being RT-RTed and shared.

However, it can already be RTed by quoting tweets. The social media platform has increased especially during the pandemic, and the 5G and coronavirus connection restricts the sharing of information that once you have the disease, you will not get sick again.

However, it is known that Twitter goes through complaints while doing this and tags such posts marked by users. Although it is thought that it is possible to gain immunity to coronavirus, there are cases of relapse in many countries.

US President Trump is in the focus of criticism due to the very short duration of coronavirus treatment. In Twetter, after the coronavirus treatment, he prevented President Trump’s another post about the disease.


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