Twitter bans profiles using the word ‘Memphis’


Popular microblogging network Twitter sat on the agenda of social media tonight with a very interesting news. It was learned that users who shared the name of that Dutch football player as tweets on the platform had their accounts blocked for 12 hours.

Twitter bans profiles using the word ‘Memphis’

The last interesting punishment that Twitter brought to us is the famous Dutch football player Memphis Depay… More precisely, not Depay himself, but mentioning his name in a tweet was the reason for the ban. Users who posted a tweet containing this word received the following warning message:

“You neglected our rules for posting confidential information. You may not send other people’s private information without their express consent. ”

Twitter Memphis

Olympique Lyonnais club, which was worn by the popular football player, immediately sent a humorous tweet about this incident:

“Hey, Twitter. Can we talk about him? ”

We recommend that you do not test this transaction to avoid blocking your account. Otherwise, you may not be able to access your account for 12 hours. However, there have already been many confirmations that this is true. This funny situation Twitter fell into has become a mockery for social media users.

Why did Twitter ban the word Memphis?

Unfortunately, the reason for this is not yet clear. But early predictions suggest that the platform may have accidentally made such a ridiculous reason for punishment.

But why do you think Twitter banned the word Memphis? Do not forget to share your predictions with us.


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